Friday, February 13, 2009

Last night

I had the pleasure of attending Alison Lewis' presentation of the AW/09 collection for her line, Lewis. Today I have a champagne hangover, and NYFW is in full swing. (This makes work a bit of a nightmare!) For now, some snaps from the evening:

Adorable models, starting to relax a bit.

There was this taxidermy cat hanging from the ceiling, wearing a tutu. Horrifying!

After, fish & chips from A Salt & Battery. Attempted hangover prevention. Whoa.

A couple looks from the lovely collection:

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H @ Narnia's Closet said...

the other day in latin we ordered lunch in from a local bakery which also has fancy sandwiches and salads.

my friend was eating duck and this one girl, upon finding out my friend was eating duck salad began whining "eew how could you eat duck! thats so gross! cute little duckys"

5 minutes later when we somehow stumbled upon the topic of death this same girl announced that when her cat died she wishes to have him stuffed because "i'd want him around"

eating duck > taxidermy
i don't see the logic...

on a more relevant note... it sounds like you had a great time and the collection looks great from those few shots!

Reena Rai said...

Oh that taxidermy cat is horrific!! I love my rabbit but would never have him stuffed :( gross.

Stuffed cats aside, sounds like you had a great time, the collection looks great, my favourite is the black flippy looking skirt