Saturday, August 29, 2009

We shimmy about

I'm not even really a fan of Erin Fetherston, at least not entirely, but I love the narration of this video. Spotted it on the lovely blog Left Hand Endeavor, and just had to repost. The first half of the video leaves me particularly awestruck.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Easy Fall days

I just love this shot from the "Sunday in the Park" M&M shoot in the September 09 issue of W. So dreamy. And yes, more Lara love.

In other news, my laptop is mysteriously broken and I've no clue when the situation will be taken care of. I'm at the mercy of other people's computers at the moment which has certainly put a stitch in things. I'll try to keep regularly posting though.

Monday, August 24, 2009


Most people who know me well are aware of the fact that I'm a pretty serious True Blood fan. The show is getting rather convoluted in the second season but it was the hot vampire lovin' that originally drew me in. Seriously, HBO has never created a sexier show.

I'm also somewhat entranced by Anna Paquin's face. She's just such a unique, unconventional beauty. Though I swore off Nylon long ago, the fact that she graces the cover of their September issue tempts me to pick up a copy.

Lookin' good, lady.

In other news, is anyone equally as unexcited for Fashion Week as I am? I'm sure I'll eat my words in a couple of weeks.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Solo Sunday.

It's Sunday, I'm feeling restless yet listless. Existential/quarter life crisis, commence. I'm also convinced the heat and humidity this week has swaddled my brain in a sort of film that leaves it useless and a little soggy. A glass of white wine and an ice cream cone would be nice right now.

Images from all over and tumblr.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Scenes from The September Issue

The PR team for The September Issue kindly pointed me to a couple of clips that were just released. I'm posting them here because they made me laugh. I always wondered how much awkward jumping took place at Vogue photo shoots since every single issue seems to have an editorial of jumping/levitating models. What can I say, I'm easily amused.

Drama-rama! August 28th! (Or tonight, if you're special.)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Vogue Paris, September 2009

These re-interpretations of Lara Stone's look, first in W and now in Vogue Paris, are overwhelming me. Photographers Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott have completely transformed her for VP's September issue. This is only further proof that she is the model, timeless and irresistible. Her confidence and age work hand-in-hand to give her an edge that no other model working today has. A living testament that a model is not merely a clothes hanger.

I'm tempted to wander out in the stifling heat to hit up every newsstand to find this issue, which should end in a heat stroke as I don't believe it's even hit Paris newsstands yet.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Plan of action

Since funds for clothing are limited for the upcoming season, I've decided I will adopt one or two go-to looks, and perfect them. I've been concocting the first look in my head for some time and am really enjoying the idea of focusing on a specific style, stripping things down. If I know exactly what I want, there's no need to waste money on things that will inevitably end up being sold to Beacon's Closet once I realize they were a big mistake. This is what I've come up with so far:

-High-waisted American Apparel pants in several colors. I already own them in navy and am completely in love with the fit. The waist hits way up there without making your bootie look like it got smacked with a door.

-Pretty little vintage blouses like this lovely one from Etsy. Feminine without being too over the top. Just easy.

-Skinny leather belts, especially this neon pink one from J.Crew.

-Vintage ankle boots. Ideally I will find a couple pairs, as I am incredibly rough on my soles in the colder seasons.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Tonight tonight toniiiiiiight oh yeah.



Rawrrrrr. Mad Men season premiere TONIGHT. Appropriate cocktails will be served this evening. I think I should hop into my wiggle dress and do my hair up. One of these days I'm going to figure out how to buy a plane ticket to 1963.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Caitlin Shearer

I can't believe I'm just now discovering this girl on Etsy. Holy shit. She's only 20 and so damn talented...her stuff is right up my alley. She does what I interpret as whimsical illustrations of misanthropic pretty girls, the kind of girls with quite a lot of sass and an equal amount of confusion regarding life. They are badasses and yet unknown or misunderstood to the majority of their peers. My my my I want to cover my walls in these. The minute I get a little extra cash in my pocket I'm going to adorn my freshly painted living room with several of Caitlin's prints. Check out her Etsy and her blog.

Some personal favorites...

Monday, August 10, 2009

Little Etsy update

A few cute things going up in my Etsy shop tonight...

A tangled nest

I really just want to have very long, slightly unruly hair. The kind that gets a little wonky here & there but is charming that way. I miss it so much. You can hide things in it, and in the winter it turns into a scarf. Grow already, tresses.

Images via Flickr: m_qat, vedeneeva, justinhollar, valerias. Also images from and

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

100th post! And I get over camera shyness.

Well well well. Finally I hit 100 posts! Finally I take some pictures for an actual outfit post which hasn't happened in TWO MONTHS. I blame lack of inspiration and lack of cash. Not having an income though is a piss poor excuse for lacking style, so maybe I'll go ahead and retract that one. Summer is a tricky time for putting together ensembles. Most days I find myself laying around in my underwear or bathing suit, drinking Pinot Grigio and feeling my brain melt as I do not function properly in heat. The beach is the only place to be and you don't really need to be wearing much for that.

Though the other day my fellow employment-challenged friend and I decided to hop on the train to dirty Jerz and go thrifting. We also visited the giant Target in Jersey City which is a bit of a novelty to us city-dwellers. I stocked up on cute little socks for fall and some canvas sneaks to bum around in for the remainder of the summer. And here is what I acquired at the thrift store...

I saw the print on this dress and immediately fell in love with it. It's handmade, either from the 60's or 70's, and just needed 8 inches hacked off the hem to make it perfect. I was also happy to find the perfect black leather skinny belt and fake 2.55 bag for el cheapo. The Worishofer sandals were a lucky find at Beacon's Closet a couple weeks back, which were essentially free with trade-in credit.

Two more things...

I've finally set up my Etsy shop and will be adding more vintage clothing to it tonight. Please check it out (and favorite it!).

And the winner of the Mink Pink Giveaway selected with's random number generator is...#5, Heather! I'll contact you shortly with info, Heather. Congrats!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Late night lusty image dump.

A sort of stream-of-consciousness due to the frenetic energy I experience at 2 AM which is encouraged by the too loud rattle of the air conditioner and a barrage of French movies from the 60's...

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