Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Luella eh eh eh

I've been saying some nasty things about London Fashion Week. Words like abomination and atrocity have been thrown around. I won't name names coughcelebswithfashionlinescough. It's okay though, Luella Bartley has saved LFW. I swear she's accessed the most neurotic yet most adorable parts of my personality and woven them into her F/W 09 line. This is what I plan to look like next winter. (Your aversion to gold lamé has been noted and ultimately ignored.)

photos via style.com

One thing I'll give to LFW though, at least the styling is consistently inconsistent. No one wants to be a lemming.

Speaking of, I've been damn lazy (albeit busy) the past couple of weeks. I'll try within the next day or so to put on something decent and take a photo of it. And I'm really considering putting some tax return money into a new camera. Hmmm...decisions, decisions.


Ashley said...

Fun collection, I hadn't seen this yet! I'm doing so bad at keeping up with LFW... shame on me!


Anonymous said...

i loved this whole collection

jennifer, said...

in love with the third look

Francheska said...

Definitely the bestt!!!
I like it a lot!!!!

Stacy said...

Wasn't a fan of this collection, by Christopher Kane's was fantastic.