Sunday, February 15, 2009

Chictopia party

Friday night Chictopia hosted a party here in NY and my friend Elizabeth (of moveslightly) and I stopped by. Everyone was incredibly nice and I'm so glad I ended up going.

Birds on their heads! I believe these were the 66 Sick Girls.

I had the pleasure of meeting Connie of prettylegit and Camille of Childhood Flames.

Camille let me snap a pic of her Sharpie altered Marni wedges.

Helen Zhu, CEO of Chictopia with her intern Claire. Loving Helen's pearls.

Elizabeth will probably kill me for posting this. We were a bit drunk/exhausted by this point.

I think I want that bird hat.

I'll be posting more today, some exciting things happened Saturday too.


Ashley said...

Ahh Camille wore the shoes that caused so much controversy on her blog! It's crazy people get so upset over other peoples shoes...


CestLaVy said...

Looks like great ppl-watching too! =)

loren wuzzo said...

you want a bird hat?