Saturday, January 30, 2010

ysl pre-fall 2010

Pretty certain this is my favorite of the Pre-Fall collections. There's been some seriously enviable pieces, but it's the first look of Pilati's Pre-Fall 2010 that inspires me to throw my hands in the air, scrap everything that's come thus far in life, and become a freewheeling gypsy. Or at the very least, find myself a big floppy felt hat. (The rest will just fall into place after I acquire the hat.) Seeing the YSL of the 70's peek out of this collection is so exciting, I absolutely cannot wait to see what F/W 2010 brings.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

a.p.c. spring 2010

Everyone seems so excited for a far, far away spring, but I'm really more of a cold weather person so I'll hang on to my tights and coats a bit longer. And my boot collection? It stays. Especially the ankle boots, they're following me into the next season.

Nonetheless, A.P.C. dropped me a postcard in the mail hinting at their new spring collection, so I had to go track it down. Here are most of the pieces, I left out only a few. You can see everything here.

Pretty good, no? I especially love how black and metallics are done in a lighter way and not just reserved for winter. And that little blue tank dress looks like something that would get worn multiple days in a week. I didn't manage to buy any of the F/W '09 collection (not that it's too late!) but I'm pretty sure 2 or 3 of those dresses up there may have to come home with me sooner than later.

On an unrelated but far more serious note, please help the people of Haiti by donating to the relief effort.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

excuses excuses

late january blues
I'm certainly not the most consistent blogger, I know. Work/life/sleep get in the way every time. Haven't been doing too much in the way of new outfits either this past week, but if I was and had some cash to spare, it'd go something like this. Still kicking myself for not getting that Ramona West vintage dress, damn.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

70's milkmaid

What I'm wearing to my bday party tonight: new Built by Wendy dress. Gotta run!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

party time!

A year ago today I started this little blog, and yesterday I celebrated my 25th birthday. Time for a toast! One of many goals I have for this new year, decade, and age, is to put more into my blog. I'm still amazed though by the people I've met either in person or online, living in New York or on another continent, solely through blogging. I am so flattered by my readers, you guys are the best. Now excuse me while I enjoy my lovely gifts of flowers, champagne, and chocolate. I wouldn't mind having these things around every single day.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

first outfit of the new year

Yesterday was the first day I'd gotten fully dressed in 2010, since New Year's Day was spent as it should be, in pajamas watching movies. Having fully recovered on Saturday, I was able to go out and continue the fun being appropriately indulgent with friends. Bloody marys, bourbon, comfort food, insane dessert... yes, this is how I want the entire year to go down. Or at least January, since it's bitterly cold and I'm about to turn 25.

Wearing a Zara silk shirt, BDG jeans, DV boots, my mother's old ring, and my new cutesy coat from Zara. I think it helps me channel this 1964 type frenchy vibe I've been going for.

Friday, January 1, 2010


Excited to start a new year, and even crazier, a new decade.

Let's make it amazing,
Happy New Year!