Tuesday, January 27, 2009


My cold has kept me from accomplishing anything for days. I've not wanted to get dressed let alone get in front of a camera. It seems that everyone is a bit sick at the moment. Whiskey and soup have been keeping me company. Sorry I couldn't get my face completely turned around (a la Chucky) for this shot.

top - Vena Cava, disco pants - American Apparel, boots - vintage


I'm actually a bit ashamed to admit I'm falling for the tie-dye trend, specifically with denim. I'm having a hard time imagining myself rocking it, but I know it's only a matter of time before I'm out shopping and wind up buying some crazy tie-dyed piece, much to the chagrin of my friends.

clockwise from top left: Costume Dept at revolveclothing.com, Karen Walker at revolveclothing.com, American Apparel, Kill City at tobi.com, Nina Ricci at netaporter.com, Built By Wendy

Friday, January 23, 2009

La La Land

This week has been one giant blur. I feel like I've lost my bearings a bit and crawled up into the recesses of my mind. I imagine it somewhat resembles the attic of a hoarder. Filled to the brim with treasures and junk. During the weekend I'd like to climb back down, spend some quality time with friends, and take a few deep breaths. Some people are best at full speed all the time but I find I can't go too fast or too slow for extended periods. I'm like a little kid who gets over-excited. (Typing this as I bounce my knee.)

And can you believe it? Just like that, January is nearly over.

By the way, I consider Friday through Sunday to be official It's Okay to Wear Leggings as Pants and Not Cover Your Butt days.

top - Old Navy, leggings - American Apparel, necklace - OakNYC, boots - vintage

Thursday, January 22, 2009

A.P.C. Spring 09

photos via apc.fr

Those t-bar cowhide print flats are breaking my little heart. Swooooon.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Rock collecting

photos via ericaweiner.com

I'm absolutely baffled as to how I've just now discovered Erica Weiner. A couple of weeks ago, I met a girl who had a shiny tangle of various chains and pendants around her neck. I asked her about them, and she told me the name of a designer I instantly forgot. Then Erica was mentioned over on The Clothes Horse the other day.

Now I am lusting after several of her pieces. My favorites are the ones with geodes and meteorites because they remind me of the rock collection I had as a child. It seems like a natural progression that I should now get to wear these beautiful rock formations around my neck. Everything on Erica's site seems quite reasonably priced as well. Must have NOW.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tick tock

Feeling the dark colors and comfort today. This is the look I naturally gravitate towards. I've had this simple dress nearly forever and it really suits all seasons. Basics that end up outlasting statement pieces are probably the most important part of a wardrobe.

Spirits are pretty high today as it is Inauguration Day here in the US. It's hard not to be excited. The thought of new beginnings, no matter how symbolic, feels so refreshing. It inspires me to make big waves in the next 4 years of my own life. Isn't it strange how time passes so fast, yet so slow? We get caught up in the details yet still manage to ignore so many of them.

dress - Anthropologie, scarf - the streets of NYC, boots - Asos

Monday, January 19, 2009

Snow day!

I finally got to have my snow day! A day off of work perfectly filled with winter wonderland type snow. Considering I get to watch most of the snow fall from a 15th floor office window in Midtown, this was a treat. Afterward we had brunch at a little restaurant near the park. Tomorrow, oh dear, it's back to the grind.

wool trench - Uniqlo, jeans - Cheap Monday, boots - vintage, scarf - Magaschoni, hat - H&M

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Dance, dance, dance

I took this photo last night before going out, I was dancing around my room. Sometimes there is all of the excess energy I need to get out. Not today though. Sundays automatically leave me feeling exhausted. I do have the day off tomorrow, it'll be extremely nice to have a day all to myself. And hurray, I won a pair of cherry red Docs on eBay tonight. After seeing them on Adeline and Elin, I realized there's something about the subtle pop of color that instantly cheers me up.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Crazy eye

Oh lawwwwd it is cold out! I look a little possessed in these photos due to the fact that there's a wind chill of seven degrees. Charming, no? Well soon enough my hands went numb and it was time to scurry back inside. Still, all in all, I've had the perfect relaxing Saturday. Sleeping in, a two hour bath, and not much else. I've recently found a place that will deliver sushi and another place that will deliver six packs of beer. I'm probably set for the rest of the winter now. I've got a date tonight, oh jeez, I think I'll wear this but with a much larger coat.

jacket - vintage Versus by Versace, top - H&M, skirt - Built by Wendy, boots - vintage from eBay

Thursday, January 15, 2009


There's this site called Zenni Optical where I got these prescription glasses for 15 bucks, but they fit my face weird and I look like a huge nerd. The frames are too small and lay on my face in a strange way. This is what I get to wear when I accidentally step on my good pair of glasses.

Hot, no?

Who, me?

Feeling shy today. I really just wanted to go out and play in the snow but I had to go to work instead. Last night I decided that today would be the day I busted out the silver sparkily Asos shoes and was not going to let a little snow stop that. They actually look quite pretty while making little footsteps in the snow.

top - Asos, jeans - Cheap Monday, shoes - Asos

I was sent this music video by a friend and I think it is rather enchanting (by a band called Florence and the Machine):

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


The temperature is dropping rapidly here but I'm going to pretend like it's not by continuing to forget my sweater and/or hat. What truly amazes me though is the bare-legged women on the street. They must be smiling through the tears and frostbite. Crazy ladies!

tee - Rogan for Target, skirt - American Apparel, necklaces - vintage, boots - vintage from Etsy, bag - Foley + Corinna

A couple random items of note today...one of my favorite boutiques is closing up shop, apparently they've lost their lease. If you're in New York within the next two months, be sure to check out Catbird as their entire stock is being discounted 50-75%. They've been a staple in my wardrobe for the last two or so years and I'm going to miss stopping in the shop on my weekend strolls to comb through their latest stock of girly dresses and tops.

If you're rather bored, and feel like you've read the entire internet today, check out this Suri Cruise Fashion blog. This blogger has meticulously cataloged every outfit Suri's been photographed wearing for the past year. I'm equal parts creeped out and jealous.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Boot Campy

Leroy the kitty was helping out with photos this morning. It looks a bit like I ended up dressing for boot camp. These boots are pretty bad ass. I'd seen a couple bloggers wearing them as well as some discussion on tFS and decided to add them to my (already full) Asos shopping cart. Do not regret! Now I just need some perfect, flat ankle boots. Why are they so hard to find?

Apparently I have a 3-day weekend coming up. It's time to take the camera outside. So far I've been limited to my small apartment, and in the winter, the only time I'm home while it's light out is early morning. It's hard to believe or even remember I studied photography in college. I took for granted the free time and access to amazing equipment. I think in a certain way this blog is my small effort to make something. Perhaps everyone should blog to keep track of their thoughts and interests.

top - Zara, leggings - American Apparel, boots - Asos, scarf - Magaschoni

Monday, January 12, 2009

Blue Monday

Oof. I've definitely got a case of the Mondays. I could not drag myself out of bed this morning, everything outside of the duvet and the cat curled up next to me felt freezing. I didn't really give myself enough time to take many photos, which seems appropriate enough for Monday. My goal for the rest of the week is to wake up and try to enjoy my mornings instead of the nervous rush that tends to happen. The other goal? Do laundry! I have not done it since November and there is a mountain of it in the corner of my room. How does that even happen? Sometimes it's the simple things that seem the most difficult to accomplish.

cardigan - vintage, top - J.Crew, skirt - American Apparel, bag - Mayle, boots - vintage, necklace - Etsy


AA one should dress daydream

And I'm trying not to shop for a little while (ssshhh) but I can't stop thinking about this perfect, simple American Apparel dress and how well it would suit me. I have been making an effort to inject more color into my wardrobe, partly to lighten up the inevitable gloom experienced in January. However, I naturally gravitate to black and gray. WANT.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Whiskey and YSL

It turned out to be a pretty busy weekend. A friend came to town on tour with his band so I got to play a little groupie. Tonight I am getting in some lovely alone time and watching the Golden Globes. I didn't get a chance to photograph any outfits this weekend but I managed to sneak in a little shopping today and am looking forward to showing off the new stuff. Until then, I leave you with some snapshots taken at the band's show (mixed of course with Poladroid which I will never tire of).

Also, how amazing does Kate Winslet look tonight in YSL at the Golden Globes?


Friday, January 9, 2009

At least I can sleep in tomorrow.

Ohhhh my I am a tired lady. I'm actually amazed I managed to get out of bed, get dressed, take some photos, and hop on the train to work. An indulgent night of wine and oysters has repercussions the next day. (Still worth it!) Tonight should be a relaxing night at home with blankets and movies. AND! My huge Asos package arrived at work today and I can't wait to try everything on.

Little animals on my necklace.

So sleeeeepy.

dress - A.P.C, necklace - vintage, bag - Foley + Corinna, boots - vintage from theURBANcollection

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Slick Rick

There was actually a bit of sun coming through the window when I woke up this morning. By the time I got out of the subway there were flurries. Maybe I should Google "vacation sweepstakes" and enter to win every trip I can find. Until something like that happens, at least I have these ridiculous AA disco pants. I feel like I am defying nature wearing them which makes the experience all the more awesomeeeeee. Let the haters hate, my ass is swaddled in a synthetic cozy paradise. (I haven't quite worked up the guts to pair them with anything too outrageous up top though, I'll always dig the mix of masculine + feminine.)

pants - American Apparel, top - Vena Cava, cardigan - Gap, necklace - OathNYC, boots - vintage from Etsy

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Sunshine, cupcakes, puppies, flowers, fresh air...oh how I long for you all!

I cannot stop watching this video. This is going to be a very long winter if I keep dreaming of Spring so frequently. The charm of the lights, hot cocoa, and chunky scarves has given away to a burning desire to ride my Peugeot around the neighborhood in a sundress and canvas sneakers.

Rain on me.

I went to sleep to the sound of pouring, freezing rain. Upon waking up it was much of the same. Assuming I'll want to crawl directly into bed when I get home from work, I snapped these photos this morning with the tiny bit of dull light coming through my window. I've decided I will save for a new camera, the little one I have is just not cutting it anymore. Oh well, it will have to do for now.

cardigan - vintage from Beacon's Closet, top - J.Crew, skirt - Built by Wendy, necklace - vintage from Day-lab.com, tights - H&M, boots - vintage from Etsy.com

Some rainy day music is in order, don't you think?