Saturday, February 28, 2009

Ti amo, Italia

In case you haven't noticed, Milan is KILLING IT.

Missoni F/W 09
Layers and layers of gorgeous knits. The palette through out this whole show was so damn inspiring. Next winter I might even try to avoid wearing all black.

Gianfranco Ferré F/W 09
Wait, maybe not entirely. Black is where it's at. And I can't wait to see how this linebacker shoulder trend plays out.

Jil Sander F/W 09
I'm not sure my eyes have ever seen such gorgeous, gorrrrrrrrrgeous, impeccably tailored pieces. Breathless, still.

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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Kickin' it

Oh hi! Here I am again. I finally ordered the Guess Maeve boots after they were marked way down. They make me feel like some kind of combat stripper video game character. Kind of perfect. I'm excited to wear them them with something short and black but I thought their first trip around the block needed to be paired with a little sweetness.

top - H&M, skirt - American Apparel, boots - Guess

I put together this little spring wishlist today. I've already thought of more things to add, but these all seem like must-haves. I think I'll probably be lazy in the warmer months and be all about the basics.

From left to right: Current/Elliott boyfriend jeans in Loved Destroyed, T by Alexander Wang classic tee in black, T by Alexander Wang classic short-sleeved dress in gray, classic Ray-ban wayfarers, Canon Xsi digital camera, Zara black suede sandals, and various YSL makeup. Hop to it, IRS. Make me a happy girl.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Luella eh eh eh

I've been saying some nasty things about London Fashion Week. Words like abomination and atrocity have been thrown around. I won't name names coughcelebswithfashionlinescough. It's okay though, Luella Bartley has saved LFW. I swear she's accessed the most neurotic yet most adorable parts of my personality and woven them into her F/W 09 line. This is what I plan to look like next winter. (Your aversion to gold lamé has been noted and ultimately ignored.)

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One thing I'll give to LFW though, at least the styling is consistently inconsistent. No one wants to be a lemming.

Speaking of, I've been damn lazy (albeit busy) the past couple of weeks. I'll try within the next day or so to put on something decent and take a photo of it. And I'm really considering putting some tax return money into a new camera. Hmmm...decisions, decisions.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Julian Louie Fall 2009

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I was going to do a comprehensive "this-is-what-really-tripped-my-trigger-at-NYFW" post but I think I'll skip it. It's so easy to get overly excited about the big name designers during Fashion Week, but it's the new guys who often prove most interesting. I had never heard of Julian Louie before this week, but he's definitely a designer I plan to start following. His second collection has a futuristic vibe with a little 40's and 50's feminine flair mixed in. There's so much to love here.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The infamous Rodarte A/W 09 boots

No doubt, I would lie, cheat, steal, and kill if it meant being able to own these. Has a more devastatingly awesome form of footwear or legwear ever been created? No, no, these babies are it. These are your ticket to heaven.

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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Cynthia Steffe Fall 2009

So I've been going to a mish mash of stuff throughout Fashion Week. I've about run out of steam! The Cynthia Steffe show was early enough this morning that I could attend and make it to the office in time, so hey, why not? I took some photos too as I was lucky enough to sit in the front row. There was this whole rocker chic meets soft and sweet vibe designer Shaun Kearney was going for, which was executed better in some looks than others. Below are a few of the looks I thought worked fairly well.

These Fall shows just might be helping to distract me from the Spring fever.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Vena Cava A/W 09: Crystalarium

This was and will remain, without a doubt, the highlight of NYFW for me. As far as young designers go, Lisa Mayock and Sophie Buhai are my favorites. It's impossible not to fall in love with every collection they put out. The presentation of their A/W 09 collection proved to be the best yet. Fangirl that I am, I obsessively photographed every look. I CANNOT WAIT TO OWN ANY OF THESE PIECES. Nearly brings me to tears it's all so damn gorgeous.


The drinks at the presentation were made with absinthe. One cocktail on an empty stomach in a room full of this glory made me feel like I was in an alternate universe. One which I wouldn't mind permanently residing in.

Poleci Fall 2009

That right, I've been busy. Poleci's Fall 2009 presentation was last night and I stopped by. I can't say all of the designs were really my thing, but there were some interesting shapes throughout. Their presentation was just in the store, so it was quite crowded without a ton of room for photos. Here's what I managed to snap.

Oh look, it's me. Heh.

I've still got one more thing to post today, must nap first.

Chictopia party

Friday night Chictopia hosted a party here in NY and my friend Elizabeth (of moveslightly) and I stopped by. Everyone was incredibly nice and I'm so glad I ended up going.

Birds on their heads! I believe these were the 66 Sick Girls.

I had the pleasure of meeting Connie of prettylegit and Camille of Childhood Flames.

Camille let me snap a pic of her Sharpie altered Marni wedges.

Helen Zhu, CEO of Chictopia with her intern Claire. Loving Helen's pearls.

Elizabeth will probably kill me for posting this. We were a bit drunk/exhausted by this point.

I think I want that bird hat.

I'll be posting more today, some exciting things happened Saturday too.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Staerk Fall 2009

Yesterday I attended the presentation of Camilla Staerk and Victor Glemaud's Fall 2009 collections. Instantly fell in love with all of it. Today I'm insanely busy and running on adrenaline alone, so I'm leaving you with all of these photos.

Pretty great, right?

Friday, February 13, 2009

Last night

I had the pleasure of attending Alison Lewis' presentation of the AW/09 collection for her line, Lewis. Today I have a champagne hangover, and NYFW is in full swing. (This makes work a bit of a nightmare!) For now, some snaps from the evening:

Adorable models, starting to relax a bit.

There was this taxidermy cat hanging from the ceiling, wearing a tutu. Horrifying!

After, fish & chips from A Salt & Battery. Attempted hangover prevention. Whoa.

A couple looks from the lovely collection:

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