Monday, January 12, 2009

Blue Monday

Oof. I've definitely got a case of the Mondays. I could not drag myself out of bed this morning, everything outside of the duvet and the cat curled up next to me felt freezing. I didn't really give myself enough time to take many photos, which seems appropriate enough for Monday. My goal for the rest of the week is to wake up and try to enjoy my mornings instead of the nervous rush that tends to happen. The other goal? Do laundry! I have not done it since November and there is a mountain of it in the corner of my room. How does that even happen? Sometimes it's the simple things that seem the most difficult to accomplish.

cardigan - vintage, top - J.Crew, skirt - American Apparel, bag - Mayle, boots - vintage, necklace - Etsy


AA one should dress daydream

And I'm trying not to shop for a little while (ssshhh) but I can't stop thinking about this perfect, simple American Apparel dress and how well it would suit me. I have been making an effort to inject more color into my wardrobe, partly to lighten up the inevitable gloom experienced in January. However, I naturally gravitate to black and gray. WANT.


Diane said...
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Diane said...

I love your blog so far and your outfits are lovely! I just started mine too and am still a bit wary about it but it's lots of fun anyway!