Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Boot Campy

Leroy the kitty was helping out with photos this morning. It looks a bit like I ended up dressing for boot camp. These boots are pretty bad ass. I'd seen a couple bloggers wearing them as well as some discussion on tFS and decided to add them to my (already full) Asos shopping cart. Do not regret! Now I just need some perfect, flat ankle boots. Why are they so hard to find?

Apparently I have a 3-day weekend coming up. It's time to take the camera outside. So far I've been limited to my small apartment, and in the winter, the only time I'm home while it's light out is early morning. It's hard to believe or even remember I studied photography in college. I took for granted the free time and access to amazing equipment. I think in a certain way this blog is my small effort to make something. Perhaps everyone should blog to keep track of their thoughts and interests.

top - Zara, leggings - American Apparel, boots - Asos, scarf - Magaschoni


The Doctor said...

Those boots look great on you! Are they comfortable?

Diane said...
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