Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tick tock

Feeling the dark colors and comfort today. This is the look I naturally gravitate towards. I've had this simple dress nearly forever and it really suits all seasons. Basics that end up outlasting statement pieces are probably the most important part of a wardrobe.

Spirits are pretty high today as it is Inauguration Day here in the US. It's hard not to be excited. The thought of new beginnings, no matter how symbolic, feels so refreshing. It inspires me to make big waves in the next 4 years of my own life. Isn't it strange how time passes so fast, yet so slow? We get caught up in the details yet still manage to ignore so many of them.

dress - Anthropologie, scarf - the streets of NYC, boots - Asos


adele said...

the boots are something special!

Bubble said...

wow gorgeous boots