Saturday, January 17, 2009

Crazy eye

Oh lawwwwd it is cold out! I look a little possessed in these photos due to the fact that there's a wind chill of seven degrees. Charming, no? Well soon enough my hands went numb and it was time to scurry back inside. Still, all in all, I've had the perfect relaxing Saturday. Sleeping in, a two hour bath, and not much else. I've recently found a place that will deliver sushi and another place that will deliver six packs of beer. I'm probably set for the rest of the winter now. I've got a date tonight, oh jeez, I think I'll wear this but with a much larger coat.

jacket - vintage Versus by Versace, top - H&M, skirt - Built by Wendy, boots - vintage from eBay


The Clothes Horse said...

Cute! Don't lose a finger posing though. ;)
Deliveries of sushi and beer? Wild!

adele said...

that's a really nice blazer thing you have there. your blog is cute too may i say.
thankyou for the comment! i think i'm going to add you to my blogroll.