Saturday, April 18, 2009

Summer, is that you?

jacket - H&M, dress - Fighting Eel, boots - Zara, necklace - Maude Loves Harold Vintage on Etsy, sunglasses - Ray-Ban

I've said before how anti-liberty print I was feeling, but I guess it only pertained to the A.P.C. stuff because this little liberty print bomber from H&M called me towards it in the store. It was the only one left so of course I snatched it up. I like the idea of layering liberty print with stripes. It's subtle here, mixed with this old summer dress I've be wearing forever...currently a bit wrinkled as it was shoved in the back of the closet all winter. And I've been wearing this little trumpet necklace nonstop that I got from Siri who has a shop called Maude Loves Harold Vintage on Etsy.

It's currently 77 degrees outside. Seriously? I was actually a bit hot in my light jacket, but I am not ready to show much pasty white flesh yet. The bare legs were tough enough. Next step: paint toenails, prepare for sandals.

While basking in the sunshine, I went to the city and fondled beautiful 30's and 40's dresses at the Flea Market. The quality of vintage the vendors carry never ceases to amaze me. I spotted the most beautiful and delicate little cotton tea dress and teared up a bit when I saw it was being sold for $130. Maybe it will be there next time and I can bargain for it. I'm at least going to bring my camera along on the next trip, keeping photos of the items is the next best thing to buying them. Riiiiiight? Torture.

Time for an afternoon nap (catching up on a week's worth of sleep deprivation is always fun) and some cold beer in this warm breeze. 


Diane said...

I am totally diggin' this whole look! The liberty print with the stripes is such a good pattern mix. Wonderful!!

Also, that trumpet necklace is heavenly. I want one just like it!

Silvie said...

love the outfit!!! and the cat is so cute :)

Freya said...

wow, such a cool look! love your style.

Katy said...

Wow.!! You look so pretty in that outfit.

crystal. t said...

pretty jacket! it goes well with your outfit. great job (Y)