Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I've been feeling scattered and less than inspired lately and taken to combing through tFS archives of 90's editorials. There's plenty of Christy Turlington and Kate Moss looking fresh as ever, but I was ultimately pulled in by the eerie, quiet editorials in which the models look 10,000 miles away. Paolo Roversi is a photographer who pulls this off consistantly in his work, but the 90's in general seemed rife with it.

Who needs lavish sets when you have a cold piercing gaze.

Also, not sure how many of you use Tumblr but I like it for mood specific image dumps like these, and post over here as well.


Enep said...

amazing photos!


xs said...

stella tennant looks gorgeous.

Michael said...

Stunning. I haven't heard of the guy until today. Will definitely be on the look out now. Thanks :)

Thank god for tFS.

Anna said...

beautiful pictures although the first model looks a bit to skinny.

Bianca and Isabella said...

adore these photos, hun.

the crumpet girls

Maverick said...

Love these photos. Especially that bottom left one... That gown looks sooo incredibly beautiful.

xoxo, mavi

Don't Be A Hero said...

these are gorgeous. I probably need a tumblr too, my blog is no longer about, umm, well, anything really

crystal. t said...

these photos are so inspirational. looks very mysterious

great post