Sunday, April 26, 2009


Vogue Paris June/July 1976, scanned by iluvjeisa on tFS

Today was straight up summer. If my weather widget told me the truth, it reached 93 degrees here in New York. A parade of short-shorts and sun dresses flooded the streets. I bought a fan and some beer. We went to the little grassy park on the East River to lay out and catch some breeze. But ummm? I would still like a little Spring weather please. 

I've got a feeling this summer is going to be hot as hell if we're already feeling like this in April. And seeing all of the little summer outfits today got me excited for beachy days and a bit of color on my pale self. I think I want to live in chunky 70's sandals and vintage cotton dresses all summer. 

I'm pretty sure Etsy is the best place to ponder this, and I've been on quite a roll finding adorable things. I've reached my spending limit, no more no more, but there are just so many adorable warm weather pieces flooding the site right now.

Someone snatch this stuff up and take cute pictures of yourself and post it so I can live vicariously through you. Most of it is super reasonably priced too (15 for the sandals?!). Damn my poor self/too big feet.


marie said...

all these pieces are so lovely!!!

i miss "normal" spring too, it seems to be shorter and shorter every year...

lejournaldechrys said...

I love the green dress!!!