Thursday, December 24, 2009

sonia rykiel pour h&m spring 2010 lookbook

Merry Christmas Eve! I am currently trying to soothe my anxieties of traveling into a massive blizzard by admiring the newly released Sonia Rykiel pour H&M Spring 2010 lookbook. As excited as I was for the lingerie line, I ended up getting nothing as I wasn't too pleased with the fit of most pieces. I've got higher hopes for the Spring line though. I mean... just look at it! It's based off of her actual line, not Sonia by Sonia, yesyesyes.

I'm definitely excited about the rainbow striped pieces, and the adorable bow sweaters. The yellow dress and b&w striped slouchy sweater are singing my name as well. I have no idea how many striped tops I already own but really, I've said it before, you can never have too many. There is no better wardrobe staple. Wouldn't mind if those wedges were also for sale.

February 10th!


Grace said...

I'm digging the embellished leggings, jumper and oversized striped sweater! And even more so the hair.

Love Grace.

Teresa said...

Argh, why is there no H&M near me? I am in love with the spring looks!

jennine said...

ooh these are great! it's ood to say but i think this might be the closest designer collaboration to the real thing in terms of design.

Dina-Dyorre said...

Eeeep, I love Sonia, I do I do! I really don't care about lingerie as long as it's matching and clean, but this collection is oh-so-exciting ^^