Tuesday, December 22, 2009


I think I want bangs again. I've finally grown them out enough to where I almost don't need a bobby pin, and now I've got the itch to chop them off. Likely story. But with a new year and a new age, I'm feeling the need for a bit of a freshened up appearance. Right now my locks are pretty blah... they haven't been cut since February (!) as I've been trying with all of my might to grow them long. Chop chop chop! I may do the deed myself since I've never found a hair stylist I can trust. I'm open to suggestions though for anyone good in NYC.

Pretty bangs on Anna Karina, Tennessee Thomas, Zooey Deschanel, Effie, and Hannah.

Grown-out blah bangs on me. And messy scarf hair.


mm said...

I've been thinking about cutting another fringe myself. A hair stylist cut my fringe about six months ago and sectioned too much hair on the sides and too far back. Now it has grown out past my nose, so I am thinking about trimming a thinner and narrower portion of it and letting the rest grow out. The eyes become the emphasis when they are framed with a *good* fringe. Go for it! Your baby blues would pop.

Mamushka Marie said...

this is my constant dilemma. to bang or not to bang? that is the question! i always end up cutting them, and my boyfriend always ends up wanting me to grow them back out! haha! for some reason, with long-ish hair, it just seems to freshen up the do, without feeling too boring...anyway, i feel your pain. :) i think you'll look gorgeous with or without :)

Sally Jane Vintage said...

I've been trying to figure out whether I'm up for growing mine out. Every time I start, I just end up cutting them. Anna Karina always makes me want bangs!

Mimi said...

if you trust yourself enough, cut your own bangs! it's free, and you can do it the way you want.

i found some tutorials on youtube, easy, and just chopped my hair off... find a good sharp pair of scissors first tho! (: x

liana said...

i love the girls with bangs you posted here, so beautiful.
they make me wanna chop my hair into one right now!

c a s s i e said...

i cant seem to get mine cut right. i love zooey deschanels hair.