Wednesday, December 9, 2009

elusive spots

The leopard trend... it comes and goes, doesn't it? I really wanted to partake, hunting for the perfect spotted coat. I thought I found one, had it shipped across the pond, but nope. It doesn't fit! Now the temperatures are supposed to drop this week and I'm left with a flimsy jacket to face the elements. I was really feeling defeated and left empty-handed after my endless searching.

Then I stumbled across these shots of Naomi, originally from the December 1991 issue of Vogue italia. So nineties, yet still so amazing! Therefore, I've concluded that leopard is timeless and I'll find my coat. There may be a candidate or two at Topshop. Or I could settle for a spotted scarf and maybe some gloves to tide myself over. And maybe some bedding! Maxi dress? Wallpaper?!


Grace said...

I've tried and tried to wear spots, I don't ever feel quite me in them. And funny you should mention, I not too long ago had leopard wallpaper!

Love Grace.

Clara said...

wow! amazing pics.
i love the color and the leopard print everywhere.

hannah & landon said...

we sure do live in the same neighborhood! the flea market was a block away from artists and fleas, it was cute but not in my flea market budget :(.

Mimi said...

rawwwr :3

"leopard is timeless"
amen to that.

Bluefemme said...

I also wanted a leopard coat but right now its too trendy. But you are right it is timeless. I think you will find the perfect leopard vintage coat at a vintage store.
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Anonymous said...

why not try the Rodarte for Target Leopard print jacket (faux fur) that just got released on 20-Dec-2009? It's cute!