Monday, August 24, 2009


Most people who know me well are aware of the fact that I'm a pretty serious True Blood fan. The show is getting rather convoluted in the second season but it was the hot vampire lovin' that originally drew me in. Seriously, HBO has never created a sexier show.

I'm also somewhat entranced by Anna Paquin's face. She's just such a unique, unconventional beauty. Though I swore off Nylon long ago, the fact that she graces the cover of their September issue tempts me to pick up a copy.

Lookin' good, lady.

In other news, is anyone equally as unexcited for Fashion Week as I am? I'm sure I'll eat my words in a couple of weeks.


Mimi said...

Oh God fashion week.

Ahhh time to make our fashion blogs useful.

Lilee said...

great header!

Anna-Maria said...

True Blood is seriously one of the best TV shows in a long time. Who would not like all the vampire loving. It has gone a bit crazy with the shape shifters and all but I still love it! It's sexy and scary at the same time!

PS. I feel exactly the same about Nylon (I'm so tired of their it-girls etc) but sometimes I find myself looking through it, especially if there is someone interesting on the cover. Anna looks totally hot!

Quixsa said...

I adore True Blood. Simply cannot get enough.

Dream Sequins said...

I love True Blood, and even though Anna Paquin's character is kind of annoying on the show, I have to say that she's grown into an interesting looking lady. You never know with child stars.

I'm kind of excited about Fashion Week, but also dreading it. I'm looking forward to seeing some strong debuts.