Monday, August 17, 2009

Plan of action

Since funds for clothing are limited for the upcoming season, I've decided I will adopt one or two go-to looks, and perfect them. I've been concocting the first look in my head for some time and am really enjoying the idea of focusing on a specific style, stripping things down. If I know exactly what I want, there's no need to waste money on things that will inevitably end up being sold to Beacon's Closet once I realize they were a big mistake. This is what I've come up with so far:

-High-waisted American Apparel pants in several colors. I already own them in navy and am completely in love with the fit. The waist hits way up there without making your bootie look like it got smacked with a door.

-Pretty little vintage blouses like this lovely one from Etsy. Feminine without being too over the top. Just easy.

-Skinny leather belts, especially this neon pink one from J.Crew.

-Vintage ankle boots. Ideally I will find a couple pairs, as I am incredibly rough on my soles in the colder seasons.


Diane said...

This is a really great idea. I have way too many clothes yet feel like I need more and that I can never perfect one outfit. I really should work with what I have and your post makes me feel over-indulgent with my spending habits (which I totally totally am).

And I had no idea that AA made high-waisted pants! Now I want a couple pairs. This sentence really negates my above comment but...uh, whatever? I'm nothing if not inconsistent.

S. Mimi C. said...

The blouse is beautiful. Reminiscent of a Blair Waldorf look. Oops, sorry to bring Gossip Girl into this :P

I want those cowboy boots?!!!

S. Mimi C. said...

definitely going to be following you! wanna swap links?