Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Easy Fall days

I just love this shot from the "Sunday in the Park" M&M shoot in the September 09 issue of W. So dreamy. And yes, more Lara love.

In other news, my laptop is mysteriously broken and I've no clue when the situation will be taken care of. I'm at the mercy of other people's computers at the moment which has certainly put a stitch in things. I'll try to keep regularly posting though.


Quixsa said...

sorry to hear about your laptop. Maybe look into getting a netbook- in May my laptop passed on and I got a netbook from my boyfriend Jon. It was the best birthday present.ever. I adore it. just a thought.

Eve said...

I love that shot! Very pretty!
Sorry about your laptop! I hope you can fix it!


Leproust Vintage said...

Beautiful shot! I am sorry to hear about your computer-that happened to me not too long ago. It is a horrible feeling! I hope it gets fixed soon!