Saturday, March 21, 2009


I love this little A.P.C. Madras suit that was shot in an editorial in the latest issue of Lula. I have the same suit from last year in a different fabric and can't wait until this version comes out so I can snatch it up too. And the hat! Must have it all. I've been dreaming of the beach a lot lately. Brighton Beach in all of its city griminess still has my heart. Laying in the sand for hours. Drinking some rum concoction while catching up on reading. Buying mango on a stick. Floating out a little too far in the water before the lifeguard blows his whistle. Thinking you put on enough sunscreen but of course your pale ass burns anyway. Ah, I miss summer.

Ladies at Brighton Beach back in the day. I want to dance in the sand too.

I'll get an outfit post up tomorrow, promise. I've been shopping shopping shopping and my new camera arrived (!) but I'm pretty beat today and am due for a nap. Fading as I type this...

(photos via tFS and Google)


The Clothes Horse said...

That suit is darling. I would desperately like to get to a beach.

Noemi Sunshine Ferst said...

Great Pics.

andrea said...

I cannot wait for summer!!!