Tuesday, March 31, 2009

NYC Topshop, finally

Oh sweet, we finally have our very own Topshop across the pond. After months of delays it's finally opening this Thursday. Another outlet to satisfy my cravings for cheap crap, woo! I had to go down to the store to see the mens' stuff for work and ended up taking some photos of shiny things for ladies, which are getting posted here because the card I shot my outfit photos on this morning is not working. The store is bananas...huge, full of neon, sequins, and more sequins. Everyone in New York is about to get a little shinier. Try not to go cross-eyed when you visit the store.

Welcome to the circus!

These will be sold out before I get a chance to buy one. Perfect for tarting things up in the summatime.

Hmmm...not sure. Need a second opinion.

Your boyfriend will dump you for the girl wearing these at the bar. Better grab a pair.



Getting this one for sure. It's perfect.

Summer dresses out the wazoo.

Things start looking questionable again upstairs. 80's town.

Oh hi & bye. Here's my makeshift outfit post. Not really.


Jayden English said...

If only they would put one here in Chicago!

The Clothes Horse said...

Oh man, oh man, I want to go! So many darling clothes.

Diane said...

I want to go to one so badly! I love those summer dresses you took photos of.

Swank Heights said...

Man you have a cool job and you got to see TS before the rest of us. I so wish I was there and you.

KB said...

Ah so neat and tidy, looks like you guys have the best to choose from.

kelse said...

i just died.


thank you <3

hippyhippychic said...

as much as i love topshop, i hope it doesn't become a truly global. girls everywhere will start looking even more like clones!
nice pictures though, however i sure once customers have been in there it wont look so pristine!
great blog
(: x


Anonymous said...

I cant wait to see it!!

etoilee8 said...

Agree with hippiehippie chick. Global takes the fun out of everything. Would you say the lines and frenzied hype was justified? I have yet to visit the store.