Sunday, March 29, 2009

I want to hate you.

We all cringe a little upon hearing the words "American Apparel" So easy to hate on, especially when you live in Williamsburg where everyone needs to take a shower and get a job. But, um, their coming soon section is full of drool worthy goods. Check it out...

Hottness. That bodysuit probably wouldn't get past my bedroom door without some sort of alarm going off, but damn. Want stuff!

And yessss I promise promise promise there will be an outfit post of substance soon. I've had a weekend full of craziness leaving me mentally and physically exhausted. But omg my new room is too damn good.


Diane said...

American Apparel is such a guilty pleasure. It's the only store where I can walk in and not care about dropping $100+ on basics. What is it about them that's so tempting??

I am loving that black "drawstring tank dress." I admit that I immediately went to the American Apparel website just so I could see what it's called and ogle some more.

Mary said...

Yeah, the three dresses are fantastic

Deka said...

i feel the same way
AA gives me a bad feeling, but some of their clothes are cute and sexy