Friday, March 6, 2009

Fancy T

The T by Alexander Wang goods arrived in the mail. I have to say that though I still feel a bit guilty caving and buying designer t-shirts, they do beat out a 3-pack of Hanes hands down. Soft, slinky, light basics. This t-shirt dress is preeeetty see-through on it's own, so I'm considering getting the black tank dress from the collection to layer under it. For now, it's still cold out and tights will have to do.

(You'll have to excuse my dear-god-it's-finally-Friday face.)

dress - T by Alexander Wang, boots - Asos, necklace - OathNYC

I realized yesterday that these Asos boots I got back in January remind me quite a bit of the boots seen in yesterday's largely underwhelming Balmain collection. This just proves that everything in that show has been seen before, bleh. Still love my boots though.


Najeema said...

Yum, I can see just how soft the fabric looks. It's gorgeous. I can't see myself ponying up that much for a tshirt, but it looks incredible!

Morgan. said...

I swear I've been searching for the perfect singlet/tee-dress, & my search so far has only come up with transparent clothes. -_-
Loving the boots though, the simplicity of the dress really highlights them..and these are like the slightly more wearable version of Balmain ones (although the other way round really if asos released them first).

I really like your blog, it's really interesting :)

Ashley said...

That dress looks sooo soft, bummer that it's a little see-through but I guess that's the look A. Wang was going for. It looks great paired with the tights and boots!


Twobreadsplease said...

The dress looks so nice and comfy. I always feel guilty about buying more expensive basics but sometimes it just can't be helped, especially if it's Alexandre Wang. x

maya said...

Hello, i love your blog, and you have a very good style :)
your Guess boots so lovely :) j'adooore !!!! I shall come back see your blog ;)
Bye !

Laure said...

Bonjour!!! I love your boots, they are gorgeous and your outfit is very cute with the T dress, but too much short for me ;-)

pieter said...

your hair looks perfect!

The Clothes Horse said...

I'm loving your boots. The tee dress looks great, it'll be a very versatile piece.