Wednesday, February 17, 2010

til next time

A rather fun and delightful end to my NYFW...Jeremy Scott FW 10. Makes me kind of wish I were a pop star or perhaps a lady of the night.


Bird said...

wowser! great polaroids... love the middle one so atmospheric.
darling bird

jamie clare said...

You have great style! Turn that into a $1000 Bloomingdales shopping spree by entering the “Avenue Debut Grand Giveaway” style contest at!

We’d love for you to do a post on this opportunity for your readers – contact me at if you’re interested!

Mikkel said...

i LOVE the shirt!

Anonymous said...

LOL You don't have to be a lady of the night or a pop star gurlfriend. I like that though... "a lady of the night." That made me giggle :)