Sunday, February 7, 2010

clogs! (blame karl)

I found a pair of Rachel Comey Halla clogs on sale this weekend and I'm pretty smitten with them. They make me close to six feet tall. Another recent acquisition is this huge and amazing necklace made by the Vamoose. If you're not already familiar with her Etsy shop, definitely check it out.

We've reached the time of the season where winter clothes generally feel like boring, old news. Spring lines have it the stores, wishlists are racking up in my head, driving me crazy. (I need this jacket!) Absolutely jealous of the Southern Hemisphere at the moment.


Kass said...

Your necklace is so cool and unique =]
You look great!

Dream Sequins said...

Those shoes are amazing! WORK IT!

BTW, I'm planning a warm weather getaway right after Fashion Week. THIS IS DISGUSTING. The weather, that is.

Anna-Maria said...

Those are about the prettiest clogs I've ever seen!:) Swedish Hashbeens also makes great clogs, have you heard of them? :)

thevamoose said...

those shoes look so good!
and nice to see you wearing the necklace, I may have to post this on my tumblr if you don't mind?!

corrie said...

deanne - so jealous! i need a beach.

anna-maria - LOVE swedish hasbeens. the sandal version are on my summer wishlist, for the 2nd year in a row.

vamoose - thanks! post away!

Waist of Space said...

everything is perfect

Mamushka Marie said...

clogs, i must have clogs now. you look fantastic, love your necklace too!

hannah and landon said...

That necklace is gorgeous! Vamoose does such beautiful work!

Anonymous said...

awwww i love them! rachel comey is the best. xo