Wednesday, November 4, 2009

heavy eyelids.

So tired. With a new job, a new season, excitement & uncertainty... at the end of the day I sink into a puddle of blankets and sleepiness. But I miss my little blog! Until the next day off, I give you some random things I love lately.

these cool girls

Eniko in a field of flowers

Wiksten dresses


Mamushka Marie said...

nothing like a little inspiration now and then - love the bangs, the coats, the polkadot tights, i'm so glad winter is on its way - so ready to layer up again.

Diane said...

Aaah, I love Wiksten dresses. They're so perfectly structured and seem like great dresses to wear day in and day out.

ExpressYourself said...

And we miss YOU! Rest up so that you have energy for more blogging!