Thursday, December 30, 2010

better than the last

I have to write this post now to prevent myself from falling back into a streak of indifference and laziness. Lately I've been thinking a lot about Francesca Woodman. I received a book of her photos as a gift a few Christmases back. Her work really reminds me of how I felt about photography and creativity in general as a young woman. I am still pretty young, but slowly inching towards thirty and working a day job for the last three years has left me feeling pretty dull. I started this blog two years back to give myself an outlet of sorts, but have continually found myself confused in the point of it all. I'd like to delete everything here and start from scratch but I won't. I am going to try to have a little more fun with this space, to let it come more easily. I have a hard time focusing. I'll probably always be all over the place but if possible, I'd like to be more consistent in how random I am?

For now, I'll leave this post with a few little photos from Christmas travels and the aftermath of epic blizzard I returned home to.

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elle said...

I love your blog!!