Sunday, September 12, 2010

suno x loeffler randall

Everyone's going crazy over these shoes and rightly so. For Suno's S/S 11 collection, they paired with Loeffler Randall to make some serious printed platforms and flats. These babies are going to sell out fassssst. The entire collection did not disappoint and my love only continues to grow for this label. Going to need to change the fact that I don't own a single piece soon enough. (photos via Refinery29, Fashionista, & Loeffler Randall)


LadyFLASHBACK said...

whoa-great stylez and display idea!

jess s//

b. said...

Amazing shoes ! Thanks for sharing :)
I just discoverd your blog: really cute, I'll come back..!

Cynthia said...

i like those shoes!, but every time im use a platform i look like a spice girl!!! :(