Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Hardcore cravings

I spent a good part of the weekend wandering into shops, fondling clothes, and leaving rather sad. All I want is new things for Fall. I know I insisted that I would streamline my wardrobe and focus on a few basic pieces, but it is so hard not to get overwhelmed by all of the lovely things for the change of season.

fall fantasy dressing #1
fall fantasy dressing #2
fall fantasy dressing #3

Furthermore, I have nothing to wear for NYFW. The summer clothes seem inappropriate now, while it's still too warm for the cold weather things. Money! Why must you elude me?!


Diane said...

All of these are sooo good and I want to wear every piece. And goddamn, that bra is so pretty.

I think that first set you put together is pretty much perfection.

Also, money is so elusive I hate it. Thus, I hate money. How's that for irrational thinking.

CokeAddictDammit said...

ugh i know what you mean, i went out shopping this weekend and saw so many perfect boots for fall... that cost a lot of money

the red bag in the second set is to die for though

Cara-Mia said...

Love these outfits!

Anonymous said...

i love the outfits you've put together, especially the second one. i hate having no money, its so depressing to go into shops & not be able to buy, but at the same time, going into those shops cheers me up! arg!