Sunday, August 28, 2011


Lucky for us, the storm seemed to pass by rather quietly in the night. Today was cool and windy and I'm actually starting to realize the things I will miss about summer. Fresh food and flowers, Summer Fridays, gin cocktails... But I am welcoming the cool air and slow change of season.


Gabriela said...

i'm glad irene didn't traumatize you too much up there! i was so scared of hurricanes as a kid, i hope it wasn't too nerve-wracking. here in belgium it feels like there's a permanent mini-hurricane: always windy, always rainy and always cold. we didn't have much of a summer, so i've been missing it since last year :(
your blog is really cool, by the way ;)

wieneragnes said...

Hey, u have really interesting posts. I like ur amazing photos the most. Visit me when u catch up some free time. xo xo