Wednesday, March 31, 2010

get warm stay warm

(another Spring, another Madras collection I must buybuybuy)

Eeeeek. So I haven't posted in 3 weeks. Making my new little nook of the city inhabitable has been sucking up most of the free time. I think I've gotten everything enough to my liking that I can settle down a bit and spend the next free bit of income in A.P.C. instead of Ikea/craigslist/other endless sources for home goods. This past week has been too confusing to get dressed properly anyway. But 77 degrees this weekend! I'm definitely pumped for bare knees and elbows. Oh my, I need some color. My current skin tone may just blind everyone.


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Ashley said...

I'm with you, it was 90 degrees today but I am filled with shame as to how pasty white my skin is! I need a tan ASAP!