Thursday, February 17, 2011

apc madras ss11

I spied a few A.P.C. Madras pieces over on Creatures of Comfort while browsing tonight. These are the three I plan on wearing all summer long. I think I could probably wear nothing but A.P.C. year-round and I'd be perfectly content.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

steven alan fall 2011

Because it's still cold out, and because I love him. The whole presentation has just gone up at but I love these shots SA posted on his Facebook from this morning's presentation. I really think at this point I'm perfectly satisfied with viewing NYFW selectively via the internet.

Velvet floor length polka dots! Desperately wish to pull something like this off.

The ladylike gloves and little handbag paired with a shift gives me butterflies.

I see you in my future, in my dreams, and will see you two sample sales from now, dots.

Gahhhd look at that red. You know you love.

Into the floral pants. Really into them.

Next fall's coat perhaps?

the girls

Considering these two bras (well one bra, one lacy sleepy type thing) from Asos. I really think boobs were better when they were super pointy. Don't dig the melons look. Also people in the olden days did not lounge in ratty t-shirts and pajama pants from the Gap. You need nice things for watching TV and combing your hair, too.

Monday, February 7, 2011

vitamin d

On the off chance that Spring didn't yet feel impossibly, hopelessly far away...


This is the latest Vanessa Bruno film for her S/S '11 collection. I'd love to compile all of the videos she's released so far and just play them on a loop in my head. I want to live this brand. Totally sold.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

at least phil didn't see his shadow

Related: this looks about right, right now. I needed ice skates that were also galoshes to get to work today. Enough!

bored housewife

Winter cabin fever through & through. I spend my evenings with free flowing hot toddies, snuggled in the best A.P.C. sweater I've ever owned while ragging my hair because it's too cold to go out and I've already watched everything that's on Netflix. All I can think about is making mac & cheese and also the fear that Spring will never come. It feels so far away.